ngx pastebin


This site is a tool that Ngx CC uses for helping users in the #nginx IRC channel on libera. It allows users to paste configuration files and other pieces of data to allow us to help them.

The Difference

We created yet another pastebin service because we needed something that fit our needs better. We couldn't find something that we liked, so we started from scratch. This service:
  • Integrates with the #nginx IRC channel
  • Offers relevant syntax hilighting options
  • Automatic expiration of data
  • Has cookie based personal defaults
  • Includes an IRC Nick option
  • Blocks spam!
  • More...

Using Curl

The best way to provide a complete picture of what's going on looks like this:
curl -X POST -F 'name=$your_nick' -F 'syntax=nginx' -F "code=$(nginx -T)"

Single config files can be uploaded:
curl -X POST -F 'name=$your_nick' -F 'syntax=nginx' -F 'code=@/etc/nginx/conf.d/mysite.conf'

It's also possible to provide logs this way:
curl -X POST -F 'name=$your_nick' -F 'syntax=nginx' -F "code=$(tail -n 100 /var/log/nginx/*.log)"

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please check out the project page.